About us

Our main goal was to fully re-use 100% of IT equipment heat. We have achieved that goal in 2019.

Our mission

To develop and manufacture most innovative, cost effective, environment friendly IT hardware-software solutions to meet challenges using single-phase liquid immersion cooling.

What do we do?

  1. We protect and serve You, our customers
  2. We protect our environment by reducing electricity usage (PUE < 1.03)
  3. We help your finances by reducing OPEX and CAPEX
  4. We protect your equipment by extending it's life and lowering failure rate (no dust, no vibration, no noise, )
  5. We are re-using 100% of your IT equipment heat
  6. We increase compute density and reduce datacenter space needed

Media about us

Read how it all stared back in 2019:

  1. Onet.pl
  2. Gniezno24.com

We solve problems. We create ideas