Immersion Cooling: Material Compatibility

Material Compatibility testing benefit for Immersion Cooling

Our material compatibility benefit is designed to help you determine the best materials for your immersion cooling system. We provide a comprehensive list of materials that are compatible with immersion cooling, including metals, plastics, and other materials. Additionally, we provide a range of testing benefits to ensure that the materials you choose are suitable for your system. Our testing benefits include chemical compatibility testing, thermal shock testing, and corrosion testing. With our material compatibility benefit, you can be sure that your immersion cooling system is built with the best materials for your application.

We are here to help You and Your company. Together with our R&D team and labolatory we are ready to test chemical compatibility of provided samples using accepted industrial research methods.

What wrong can happen when materials are not properly selected

We are paying special attention to materials we are using in our solutions. Everything is carefully selected before we start using selected product or material. Trust our expirience, knowladge and resources we have. We are here to You!

FlameIT - Immersion Cooling - Material compatibility testing: EPDM

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